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It’s fair to say history ebbs and flows between moments of hardship and moments of hope with impermanent calm interspersed along the way. In a checklist-driven world, circumstances in history can become disconnected, viewed as discrete situations where one moment has no relationship to other moments. On the contrary, one moment in history has countless connections to prior situations in time, and that same moment likely has countless connections to situations in time yet to come.


Context. The set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event. In the study of history, those circumstances/facts may have been in the same time period as the event being discussed or those circumstances/facts may have been days or decades or centuries before. Our desire is to help you bring context to your study of history. Context brings a much more robust understanding to all-things-history, and it also provides a valuable platform for the student of history to possibly anticipate or to better understand things-to-come.


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