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Life-Long Learning

Ancient Urn

Who says learning has to stop after school? The reality is that we never stop learning and picking up new information. “Life-Long Learning” is the term used to apply to this process of constant discovery, learning, and expanding understanding. Sometimes, we can learn these things on our own with self-directed searches and research, but other times having someone else do the heavy lifting can aid in the learning process and provide a better overall experience. That is where we come in; our goal is to offer you valuable information and insights so you have the opportunity to learn without sifting through everything trying to find what is valuable and what is not.

Ancient Building

History is an extraordinarily important and yet often ignored subject these days. It can be difficult to find quality information, and even then, how does one separate fact from fiction? While our work reviews the specifics of historical situations, we also examine those matters in light of past events as well as present day circumstances. In addition to discussing dangers of misinformation and connecting history to our modern times, another passion of ours is exploring aspects of history that are not commonly discussed. Diving into these more obscure elements fosters a greater appreciation for the "back-of-the-tapestry" reality of "all-things-history." We look forward to sharing our passion for history with you.


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