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Our Story

History is our passion. Delving Into History workshops offer the opportunity to examine past events and circumstances as well as current events and situations through the lens of history. Too often history is presented as discrete incidents to be reported in a paper or “multiple-choice-guessed” on a test.


                History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes,” is a witticism credited to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). There seems to be no specific evidence that Twain shared this thought; however, it lines up with many truisms we know originated with Twain. No matter the source of this remark, history does, indeed, often rhyme. Our workshops and videos pursue the nature of rhymes and parallels throughout the ages. We believe learning to recognize similarities and differences in historical events contributes significantly to our ability to think critically, to examine information presented and lean into common truths while discarding myth and misinformation.


                In this period of 24x7 news cycles, we hope you find our workshops and videos refreshing. Too often we can become overwhelmed by a constant drip of chaos and catastrophe. Somehow, walking back through history and seeing how some of those past situations continue to play out even today feeds our ability to feel more competent to at least consider today’s events in a greater context rather than a crisis-of-the-day context.


                We are grateful for the opportunity to explore “all-things-history” with you.

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