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American Revolution: Causes, Events, Consequences


The American Revolution is arguably the most important event in the history of our nation. As the origin point of our country, it is important to have a solid view of the American War of Independence, not merely rote memorization of names and dates. We examine the multiple and myriad causes for our Revolution as well as indicating what future difficulties the United States would face just after winning our independence. With this presentation you will receive an overview of the origins of the Revolution, a brief analysis of select events during the war, and a discussion of America’s challenges following the war. These notes apply only if you purchase access to video: In the “Video” tab, click the down arrow to display the subtitle. Click “Causes, Events, Consequences” to display the video screen. Press play in the video window when you are ready to view the video. To indicate you have purchased this video workshop, press the “Complete” button at the bottom of the screen. We suggest you mark this “Complete” before you watch the video. Once you have marked “Complete,” you will see the word “Completed” at the top of the left sidebar, and you will see a message at the bottom of this screen that notes “The program is over. You can still view your steps.” These messages indicate you have purchased this video workshop; you may view the workshop at your convenience. Return anytime to this screen and skip forward or repeat portions of the video (no time expiration for video).

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